"Ages 3+ up!
 One size fits all thanks to our height  tail adjustment."



 Traveling with children can    take a few turns:

Taking on demand orders soon! Here at the SafeJourneys site dedicated to the easy order and shipment of your Safejourneys Coachie!

We know you want the best for your child and we have what is best for the both of you. (You are at peace when your child is safe and comfortable.)


Napping in the car is now assured, safe, sound and absolute. We promise you.(We know your intentions. The Coachie is mom and dads assured safe resting plan.

A product that attends to your child when you can't:



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(Works with all car seats, boosters and even with no child seat. We have the children covered for a gentle ride, comfort and most of all added safety.)

SafeJourneys 'Coachie'

  • Uncomfortable sleeping posture
  • Improper seat belt position
  • Dangling head and neck
  • Seat belt safety
  • Designed to comfort and hold the child upright.
  • Designed to provide specific care and support to both head and neck.

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What do you need to know?)